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The Dotted Line

It's still possible ... to realize that you have always had your life shattered and your heart broken and your faith tested by loving too much and too often and that all along, it was never too much and never too often and that you were never, ever, fully broken. David Whyte

A Soul Lives On

Reba Ferguson‘s daughter, Hannah, was a lively nine-year-old when she was diagnosed with brain cancer, a high risk medulloblastoma, in 2007. The next three years were taken up with painful treatments, hopeful periods of remission, and the nightmare of recurrence, ending in Hannah’s death. Overwhelmed with grief, Reba sought comfort from many sources, including astrology, […]


I started life in a glass box. I lay alone, barely breathing. Eyelids thin, light stabbing. Body on fire, nerves raw. Beeps piercing my tiny ears. I couldn't swallow. I couldn't suck. Tubes down my nose, wires on my skin.
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