You Survive … If You Choose To

When the thing you fear most actually happens, how do you go on? All my life, I lived in constant anxiety over my fear of losing my children. One night, just two days after burying my mother, I received a phone call informing me that my 25-year-old daughter, Jessica — whom I had just seen the day before — had been found dead in bed that morning.

A young Jessie wearing a white shell necklace, a white tank top and striped pants leaning over her mom Bernie. There are balloons and little signs saying "Sweet Sixteen" in the left of the picture. Bernie is sitting in the right of the picture. She is wearing striped shirt.

Find Your Reason

When my 25-year-old daughter died unexpectedly just two days after I buried my mother, I couldn’t imagine surviving the nightmare I found myself living. I kept telling my older daughter, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this …” to which she wisely replied, “Mom, you’re doing it.”

Jessica on the left with a dark jacket on, leaning her chin on Bernie's shoulder; Bernie on the right wearing a white shirt

My Beautiful Girl

I would love to say that I’ve learned and grown since losing my 24-year-old daughter Jessica on November 10, 2013, but the truth is all I have managed since is to survive for the sake of my older daughter, Sarah.

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