Healing your body after the death of a beloved

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Living with an unbearable loss

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Moving forward into the life you create in the wake of loss

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Accidental Overdose

When Tommy died, we had absolutely no clue that it was from an overdose. He died in early August, and we found out what killed him four months later! And we didn’t get the official coroner’s report until a year later!

Stumbling Forward

When you face the unexpected loss of your child, the grief can be more than you can bear. I found Tommy in his bed at home … dead. He was only 20 years old. You stumble forward in complete shock, not knowing what to do next. How to live life with such unbearable pain.

The Tommy Tat

Months before Tommy died, I noticed a spot on his ankle. I asked him if he was getting warts again! Tommy laughed and said that a guy he knew wanted to practice tattooing, and Tommy decided to get a small circle on his ankle.

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