Michael and Erin kissing Sam on the cheeks. Michael is on the left wearing glasses and a light green short-sleeve collared shirt. Sam is in the middle wearing a very light short-sleeve blue collared shirt and a blue baseball cap backward. Erin is on the right wearing a short sleeve tan blouse and black pants

Death, Yoga and the Spaces Between

I started practicing yoga consistently about a year before my son, Sam, died. I had tried yoga in the past but as a form of exercise and a way to stretch. In the months preceding and following Sam’s death, yoga became something else entirely. It gave me permission to spend time focusing on simple things […]

Erin Benson on the left wearing sunglasses and a light pink shirt; Sam is on the right wearing a gray hoodie and licking her face.

What You Do

I’m sitting in the passenger seat of our mini-van attempting to keep my twin four-year olds entertained on a long drive home. My face is hot and tingly, and my palms slick as I relive an unpleasant encounter at a Cracker Barrel somewhere off I-95. While trying to pay for my family’s meal, my debit […]

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