Photo of icicles in the shape of snow flakes

Losing Family

Not able to breathe
not wanting to die so soon
Your fear kissed me.

Pathway Of Loss

The blow of death hits.
The strike unravels me.
My understandable sputtering lostness
takes its own form.

Purple and red sunset. The silhouette of a woman with her arms raised in a "Y" standing on a rock on the right. There are other pillar-like boulders in the middle and left.

Uninvited Guest

You, ominous echo of death,
have numbed me.
You sit on me like a giant boulder
I cannot escape.

Shady dirt road with green leafy trees on both sides

Death Leading To Life

My friends are dying
and I am driving through a lush spring forest.
My friends are dying
and I am broken open to living.

Woven rug with squares of varying colors.

My Father’s Rug

A stroke unravels my father’s life.
He cannot work, speak, or live independently.
Within weeks he loses his wife.
And then he loses his home.
He rages, he grieves, he withdraws.

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