The word Son is written in steam on a glass shower door

Confessions of a Grieving Mom

Most mornings I write his name in the steam on my glass shower door. As I write, a droplet of water often runs from one of the letters down the door, like a tear.

Heidi is sitting on a brown chair. Scott is about two. He's sitting on her lap wearing a dark vest with white trim, a white t-shirt with the number 88 on it and jean pants. His hair is white blond. Heidi's hair is dark brown. She's wearing a black and white checked shirt and light blue jeans. She's looking at him, and he's looking at the camera

My Recipe For Survival

This is the recipe I followed after my son died by suicide. But, if you are like me, I use a recipe only as a guideline. I add and delete ingredients and the same goes with this list: “take what you like and leave the rest”. I think this list served me well but I had never survived a loss like this before so it was all improvised and evolved somewhat unconsciously.

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