Stone sun and moon hanging on green wall

Tell me the world

Tell me the story of how you came to be …

Hanalei River with greenery on both sides, a white egret on the right side in flight

What we sustain

Or has everything happened,
and we are standing now, quietly, in the new life?

Pink dogwoods against a blue sky

Advice from a dead best friend

Put on your shoes and walk in the world,
talking to me. I’m right here with you;
I’m always within reach. It’s a good time
to chat, so go ahead. You’ll know it’s me
when you know it’s me. But even when
you’re not sure, I’m listening.


From our place in the middle of the river of grief, the rickety raft begins to disintegrate.

Modesto ash

Jan Haag teaches journalism and creative writing at Sacramento City College where she is the chair of the journalism department and advises student publications. She is the author of Companion Spirit, a collection of poems about her husband’s death at the age of 48, published by Amherst Writers & Artists Press. She leads writing groups in […]

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