Statue of a woman lying on her side facing the camera. Her knees are bent and her right hand is covering her face as she grieves

Welcome to the club you never wanted to be a member of

We regret to inform you that you are now a member of the club without a name …

Two fly fishermen standing to the right of the photo with their lines int the water. There's steam rising from the water and brown grass on the bank behind the water.

response from the ether

hiya toots
its me

Brick wall with a light green faded old fashioned mailbox on the right side of the photo


Every year on his death day I send an email to his old address: troutbum@… at what? This year it has disappeared like his voice, his touch, his scent on two flannel shirt hanging shoulderless in my closet.

Old baseball glove laying on concrete path with a yellow baseball with red seam in the glove


In life, he was a pitcher—his dad, the Little League coach, commanded him to throw a hundred balls at night for practice, wearing out his arm, eventually giving up the game altogether.

A dolphin leaping out of the ocean moving from left to right


The few words at the top of a page that jabs like a jagged fingernail, despised by those who arrange words into neat columns …

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