A single branch of pink and white fushias


Before my brain could begin
to process it — you, falling to the airport
floor, pulse fluttering in your neck
until someone rolled you onto your back,
and the fluttering stopped —

A row of men's button shirts hanging in the closet. Only the sleeves are visible in the following colors -- blue, white, light green, tan, goldenrod, tan, blue

You were meticulous in your absence

It was as if you cleaned up before you left
which, considering that you had to clear
out a whole lifetime, you can consider
a miracle

Jan working at her computer with Cliff to her right. The photo is black and white. Cliff has a beard and is wearing a white t-shirt with a logo on it and a watch. He's leaning on Jan's chair. Jan is wearing a white t-shirt with a long sleeve dark t-shirt underneath. They are both seated behind a desk

Our Relationship Continues

One person was brave enough to say it after my husband died: “You weren’t living with him. Why are you still so upset?”

Brass statue of the Bodhitsava with headdress, eyes closed and right hand raised

goddess of compassion

after steven died, you would show up
on occasional friday nights
for my creative writing class

White coffee cup on a wood table with a spoon in front of it. Coffee is spraying out of the cup, as if it's been dropped on the table. Next to the cup is a plate of sugar cookies


He always said the years
after the meltdown — when blood vessels
inside his skull exploded —
were a bonus, that if evolution
really worked, he’d have been dead
by now.

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