Brick wall with a light green faded old fashioned mailbox on the right side of the photo


Every year on his death day I send an email to his old address: troutbum@… at what? This year it has disappeared like his voice, his touch, his scent on two flannel shirt hanging shoulderless in my closet.

Old baseball glove laying on concrete path with a yellow baseball with red seam in the glove


In life, he was a pitcher—his dad, the Little League coach, commanded him to throw a hundred balls at night for practice, wearing out his arm, eventually giving up the game altogether.

A dolphin leaping out of the ocean moving from left to right


The few words at the top of a page that jabs like a jagged fingernail, despised by those who arrange words into neat columns …

Yellow house in distance with overgrown bushes and trees with pink flowers in front

Companion Spirit

walking in the front door, I have to catch myself at the threshold …

Older two story home with two white pillars in front. The house is tan in color with brick on the second. There are barren trees in front of the house


Two months after, she realized that she could not envision his eyes — smoky brown, heavily lashed — searching for her.

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