Yellow house in distance with overgrown bushes and trees with pink flowers in front

Companion Spirit

walking in the front door, I have to catch myself at the threshold …

Older two story home with two white pillars in front. The house is tan in color with brick on the second. There are barren trees in front of the house


Two months after, she realized that she could not envision his eyes — smoky brown, heavily lashed — searching for her.

An old white rowboat with blue trim sitting on a sandy beach with blue ocean to the right and a cloudy blue sky above


We sailed out further than I ever imagined and turned to look back, gauge the distance, watch the changing sky.

The ocean at sunset with orange and yellow clouds in the sky reflected in the waves below.

The more the merrier

The day we gathered to remember you, fires rampaged across our state as the diablo winds whipped October and stories circled like whirling leaves

River rushing over rocks in between a row of green trees on both banks

At 60

I am no longer all bones and angles. My sharp points have been sanded smooth, gently curved into a softer version of my former self.

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