Remember The Siblings

What about the siblings of the deceased? We forget about them. And I’m sorry.

Brenden in a teal jacket, next to his dad. Annicka and Julie are sitting below them on the same boulder with trees and a mountain in the background

Broken Can Be Fixed

When I was told my son was dead–I crumbled inside. I was completely broken and a mess for a long time. How could this be true?

Brenden, Annicka, Julie & her husband in a row all wearing blue t-shirts.

You Just Do

21 months ago my life was forever changed. My first born and only son passed away November 10, 2019. Brenden was such an amazing person – smart, kind, always made you feel good about yourself, and at the age of 19, he was living his best life at Cal Poly when he died of alcohol poisoning.

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