Gage standing on one leg, his right, wearing dark blue biking shorts, a long sleeve light blue workout shirt. He's bald and his arms are out in a "T". he has spaghetti hanging from his upper lip like a Fu Manchu mustache.

Grief Is Like An Overloaded Backpack

Early on, I really did not like to go out in the world or to socialize. This was tricky in my marriage because Trux felt like we should honor Gage’s passion for life and live life to the fullest. I did not care about life and just wanted to join Gage.

Lauren, Trux & Gage in the snow sitting in front of a pine tree with snow on the branches. Lauren is on the left wearing a black and yellow jacket with black pants and a light blue cap. Trux is wearing a black jacket with a red trim and a black and red skull cap. Gage is wearing a red skull cap with a royal blue jacket and tan pants

Looking Up From Underneath

In the early days, there was lots of anger and the big question — Why? Why do innocent kids have to suffer so much in this world?

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