The Tyranny Of Regret

That was the funny thing about regret. It lived inside of you, shrinking down until you could almost believe it had vanished, only to spring up, fully formed called forward by people who meant you no harm. Julie Clark, The Last Flight

A woman with her hair up and a backpack with leather straps on. Her back is to the camera and she's wearing a light blue sweater. There's a trail to her left and grass to her right with trees in front of her in the distance.

The Place Where It Started

Not to make loss beautiful but to make loss the place where beauty starts. Gregory Orr

Three young friends with their arms around each other. They're all wearing jean jackets and their backs are to the camera

Broken Belonging

We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world – the company of those who have known suffering. Helen Keller

After The Fall

Maybe people have to go in and out of shadows … Maybe somebody has to explore what happens when one of us wanders over near the edge and falls for a while. Maybe it was your turn. William Stafford

Road with sand dunes on either side and an orange and white barricade with a ROAD CLOSED sign on it

The Road I Couldn’t Travel

We live on the dash between our birth day and our death day. Jesse Jackson

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