Dan, Margo, Molly and Jimmy in Alaska standing on the dock in front of a cruise ship. Dan is wearing a blue and white Hawaiian print shirt and sunglasses. Margo has her hair in a pony tail and is wearing a white tank top. Molly is wearing a red shirt with white sleeves and blue jeans. Jimmy is wearing a red jacket with a hood and jeans

Once We Were Four

This kind of happiness requires courage. It requires a willingness to love. A willingness to forgive. A willingness to believe in some sort of goodness. It requires that we each accept what has been lost and offer ourselves to what we have now. Meredith Hall, Beneficence

Jimmy speaking at the 2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge. He's wearing a black t-shirt and speaking into a microphone. His hair is dark brown and cut short

Grief Blind

Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away. Megan Slagter

Jimmy wearing a black baseball uniform with PACERS written in light blue across his chest. He has a black baseball cap on with a script L. His left hand has a glove on it and he's holding it at chin level. His right hand is cocked back with a baseball in it.

Finding Him There

The single breath we hold on the thinnest verge of sight: not there      there. A curve nearly naked, an arc of almost, a wisp of becoming … Kimberly Blaeser

Mountains in the background with green evergreens in the foreground. The sky is cloudy and tinted blue

The Life I Could Not See

There is no solution to pain, but there is so much beauty even now in the darkness … There’s still room for your laughter and beauty and joy. Even now. Frederick Buechner

Molly standing on the Viking Ship statue in Reykjavik . She's wearing a Viking hat, black jacket and blue jeans

Walking To The End Of The World

You may have to break your heart, but it isn’t nothing to know even one moment alive. Ellen Bass

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