Donna is sitting at an outdoor white linen tablecloth covered table with an empty green bottle on it. She is wearing a long sleeve white sweatshirt and a black watch. Her hair is dark and short and she is resting her head on her left hand with her elbow on the table

The Wound Of Grief Is Where The Light Enters

After Donna died, I think my motivation was I needed to do it all to keep going in the way WWDD (What Would Donna Do). I wanted to be the person who Donna loved into being by being the person who did not let ‘things’ languish. I had our standards to maintain.

Donna wearing a turquoise colored shirt and a gray bucket hat eating vanilla ice cream cone in a game

All My Favorite People

I don’t know about them but I know about us
It is what it is and we love who we love
Not everyone gets what we’re going through
But all my favorite people do

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