finding your way to Bodieu

I don’t know if it helps, but you will know what to do when the time arrives.
Others will give you advice, point you to their own experience. Sorry, there is no video.

Maya and her dad sitting at a table with a gray top. There's a stone wall behind them with a bit of green foliage on the very left. Maya's dad is wearing a long sleeve black shirt. He has a gray beard and mustache and a rim of dark gray hair around his head. Maya has short gray hair. She is waring a ¾ length black shirt. Her right arm is around her dad, her left is on his chest and he is kissing her right cheek

Grief Becomes You

I want to tell you about my father. Specifically, the snapshot of us on a Fort Lauderdale Beach, me, at two or three years old, aloft on his shoulders, both of us squinting in the sun. He is holding my tiny, doughy feet in his hands. My palms are curved around the sides of his head. We look loose and easy, as if we’re sharing the same inside joke. This is a bookend.

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