Rabbit Trails

“Rabbit trails”, with their innocuous name, are in reality, dangerous mine fields.

The Widow Warriors

The ones who found their love when they were just children, and married young, before they really knew who they were. She who gave her youth, her strength, her innocence, her gifts, and invested them in her man, her children, her family. She who gave decades of her time and resources willingly …

Mountain lake with tree covered mountain in the background and the light green branches of a tree on the left in the foreground and an evergreen tree branches in the foreground on the right

Widow Friendships Matter

I lost Forrest, my husband of 35 years, in 2018. He was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis just before our 17th wedding anniversary. I cared for him as his disease progressed from mild, annoying symptoms to severe disability.

The Wheelchair

The empty wheelchair stood along the wall, a few seats open on either side. She chose the seat on the left of the wheelchair because of the electrical outlet nearby. She needed to charge her phone before her final flight home.

Mountain with snow in the background reflecting in the pool of water in the foreground. There are trees on both sides of the mountain.

This Earth-World, That Promised Eternity

Two places of beauty separated by a thin veil, pressed closely, one against the other, as two bubbles floating in the air …

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