Mountain with snow in the background reflecting in the pool of water in the foreground. There are trees on both sides of the mountain.

This Earth-World, That Promised Eternity

Two places of beauty separated by a thin veil, pressed closely, one against the other, as two bubbles floating in the air …

The ocean with white waves and blue sky overhead. In the foreground is a sandy area then rocks with some green algae on them

Pain, That Common Ground

Healing, loving thoughts toward all those struggling today. I am with you, in my own pain. It’s the human condition, isn’t it? A common ground that unites us, this pain. 

Path in redwood tree forest with ferns on both sides and greenery in front


Paula Wychopen, a seeker of beauty in the everyday, is a writer, mother, widow, and former caregiver for her chronically ill husband, Forrest. The eighteen years she cared for her husband at home were the most difficult and blessed years of her life

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