Every Visit Home …

A human being that has grown to regard life and our time with each other here on earth as sacred and precious. Beth grew up in the Ozarks and loves art, creativity and travel. She lives in Sacramento and is the Executive Director of a local nonprofit. Beth makes her home with hubby Chris and a not so little bad boy cat, Oliver.

Every visit home as night fell … the little turtle lamp was a comforting reminder that I was “back home” with Dad and Mother.

The orange glow in the dark from the turtle’s glass “shell” ~ signaled safety and security in the middle of the night.

Turtle lamp sitting on a wood sideboard on a piece of lace. The "shell" is illuminated. The head is on the right side of the photo and there are books to the right of it.

Mother died in 1995. Her spirit is enfolded in my heart. The light stayed on. Always.

When Dad went to St. Luke’s, the turtle lamp went, too. Each trip home, as I gave Dad his “sleep tight hugs” and then made my way out the door, the glow from the turtle lamp shined softly in the dark.

In January 2018, Dad died in his last sleep on earth. The little lamp was on.

After Dad’s service, my brother and I did the “necessary” ~ packing up Dad’s belongings.

I wrapped the turtle light in bubble wrap and towels. Among other precious keepsakes, the lamp came home with me to California.

Now, the glow from the lamp is the first thing I see when I wake up each morning and the last thing I see by our bed at night.

It represents my soulful connection with Dad and my Mother across time and space … from this world to the next.

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