Footprints On My Heart

I am an AWA writer, Hula dancer, perpetuate Hawaiian Culture, advocate for cancer survivorship. I work for the State in IT Customer Service Administration. I am committed to raising my Pembroke Welsh Corgis. We recently said goodbye to our last boy, Kingston, from our original Corgi pack. We currently have two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Peachy2 & Haiku2, who are siblings. I am married to my husband of 19 years and live in our humble but cozy home in Sacramento California.

Every morning,
he would open his deep honey chocolate eyes with a Sunburst smile.

Rhumatoid Arthritis slowed him down since birth.
Muscles defined,
So stiff to walk.

This corgi received Invitations to roam the farm, with his cousins.
The temptation was great,
To walk to see the horses, chickens,
And barn humans,
Was worth every step.

The years passed by.
An achey stiff joint
That would not bend.

Heart so radiant.
A sea of sunburst.
A simple lick on your leg.
The gentle paw on your side,
And his cuddle falling into you.

I was the first to catch him as his mama corgi birthed him.
Now it would be the last time to hold him.
To run my hands through his silky hair,
And receive his affectionate growl as I kneeled down to kiss him.

I close my eyes and see him.
He is smiling so “Big” and those deep chocolate eyes takes me in.
And I am falling into him.

Kingston aka Star because when he was born, he had a white star on his shoulders.
May 20th 2011 – March 10th 2024.

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