It’s Okay To Say ‘No’

Stephanie Day Morfitt is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Los Angeles, specializing in anxiety, depression, trauma and grief. She is passionate about empowering teenage girls and young women, improving relationships and helping people navigate crisis and heal after loss and pain. She enjoys running, reading, watching movies and spending time with her husband, Neil, their two dogs (Pickle and Scooby) and their cat (Bando). To learn more about Stephanie, click here to visit her website.

  • Have a “go to” plan with the people closest to you when the grief becomes overwhelming. My husband could usually sense when I needed support, or I could tell him that I needed help, and he would immediately initiate our going for a walk with the dogs or take the lead in choosing a dinner spot and movie.

  • Take time off from work. This varies for everyone but know that you and your process of grieving deserve the space.
  • Ask your friends to send funny or encouraging texts when you want an emotional boost.
  • Keep fresh flowers in the house.
  • If something feels like too much, it probably is. It’s okay to say ‘no’, ‘not right now’ or ‘I’ll get back to you’.

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