Let’s Talk Grief

“You will survive the loss, and you will find a way, as my friend Brian says, to live on without this person you didn’t think you could live without. You’ll find a way to hold the person you love close and incorporate him into your life in a way where you’ll be able to find the beauty and access the happy memories along with the sad ones. It becomes this kind of both/and. You’ll never stop longing for the person who died but you’ll have the space and capacity to remember him and hold him close to you.” Margo Fowkes

Margo Fowkes, founder of Salt Water, talks to Let’s Talk Grief host Tamara Bahlhorn about grieving the death of her only son and how her grief has changed over time and offers hope for other grievers.

Tamara is a hospital chaplain, public speaker and founder of the Fellow Human Being Network in Sacramento, California. She’s worked at various hospitals in the Sacramento area including UC Davis Health and Dignity Health and currently serves as a mental health chaplain and a Living Works Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trainer (ASIST).

If you would like to suggest an idea, tell your story or learn more about the Fellow Human Being Network and its programming, email Tamara at [email protected] or click here to visit the website.

Click here to listen to Margo and Tamara’s conversation.

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