The trouble with you humans is that you are so concerned with staying afloat. Go ahead, be gouged open by love. Gulp that saltwater, sink beneath the waves. You’re not a boat, you can go under and come up again, with those big old lungs of yours, those hard kicking legs. Laura Lamb Brown-Lavolie


The Wheelchair

The empty wheelchair stood along the wall, a few seats open on either side. She chose the seat on the left of the wheelchair because of the electrical outlet nearby. She needed to charge her phone before her final flight home.


My Brother, Michael

I was only 10 when my older brother, Michael, died. Our lives, so far, had not been particularly carefree, not really, our family was a minefield and when I looked into his eyes, to share a smirk or a flinch, I knew I wasn’t the only one living in fear of being blown to bits.

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