Parting (for Cheyenne)

CarolMathew-Rogers is an artist, writer and life-long animal lover. She is the Executive Director of the educational nonprofit The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts where she facilitates personal growth and exploration through creativity in individuals and groups. She creates an atmosphere where curiosity and mindfulness are encouraged and actively promotes artistic play.

Carol happily lives with two senior friends: her Aussie mix, Sadie and her timid cat, Bandit, both rescue animals who needed new homes. She is a firm believer in the emotional benefit of living with animals even when the pet hair threatens to take over the house and has been blessed with cats and dogs since she was a child. She wrote this short poem for one of her many rescue dogs. Cheyenne lived with her family for 15 years until she couldn’t walk anymore. Carol was devastated when they finally had to let her go. This expression of her grief highlights how love and grief are intertwined, even when the love is for a four-legged friend.

My body paints its sadness
with scorching drops of pain
aching streaks of anguish
slowly dry
marking me as one
whose soul has traveled
the choking
river of sorrow
that flows between every caring
and colors every love.

Cheyenne sitting in near purple lupin with her tongue hanging looking off to her right

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  • Aimee Harper says:

    ‘The choking river of sorrow’ is what stays with me. Beautiful poem, Carol. Lovely tribute to your treasured Cheyenne.

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