The Forgotten Daughter

Diane Woodruff had her whole world turned upside down when her mother developed Alzheimers. She cared for her mother for five years before she died. Diane joined a poetry/writing group with Frances Kakugawa and learned that writing about some of her strong feelings and experiences helped her cope with the devastating effects of Alzheimers.

“Tell me your name” mom said
“I’m Diane” I replied
“I used to have a daughter named Diane” mom said
“I am your daughter, Diane” I said excitedly … thinking she had remembered me
“No, the one before you” she said
What does she mean, I wondered
“Tell me about your daughter, Diane” I said with curiosity hoping to learn more
“I don’t remember her” she said and turned away
I thought to myself
I do remember you, mom
You are still my precious mother
I will take care of you even though you don’t know me anymore
I will be here with you until the end.

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