The Quiet Place

Carol Mathew-Rogers is an artist, writer and life-long animal lover. She is the Executive Director of the educational nonprofit The Creative Edge: The Way of the Arts where she facilitates personal growth and exploration through creativity in individuals and groups. She creates an atmosphere where curiosity and mindfulness are encouraged and actively promotes artistic play.

Inside each
heart beating
in this world,
a quiet place

Though your life
may be an
arid desert
swept into
dunes of despair,
a quiet place

Though your life
may be
tangled and overgrown
choked by the
clinging needs
of others,
a quiet place

Heavy waves
of grief may
threaten to
drown your
very soul
as you
gasp for
every breath
a quiet place

Let the soft pulse
of your heart
be the hymn that
sings you home
into that
quiet place
of spacious hope
devoted tenderness
and everlasting love
a silence sanctuary
just waiting
for you.


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