The Walk

I’m a mom to two children. Suddenly there is one child on earth .. but I still have another roaming the universe wherever spirits go when they leave the body. I don’t know who I am now and what I will be. A mother to the one here on earth. And a mother longing for the one who has departed. And all that is in between. I am changed but can’t figure out where to land. Guess it takes time. That’s what they say. Time. Okay. Till the end of time.

The miles they fly
The breeze blows gently in my face
I look up to feel the warm sun embrace me
The stars are hidden behind the sunshine of daylight
But I know they are there
Just like I know you are there
Wandering the brilliant orbs that fill the night sky
Your soul is free
My soul yearns for yours
But as I walk and the miles slip away
I wear your socks
So you can walk with me
Because I know you are here
Your spirit is all around me
In the breeze
In the warm sunshine
In the grass
In the ladybug
In the monarch’s flutter
In the new young wildflower that adorns my path
In the green shoots of quickening spring
A new awakening
A new beginning
A new path
I wear your socks
So I can keep you close
So you can walk with me
So you can be with me
All the rest of my days

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