What I’ve Learned

Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know. Pema Chodron

When your life turns upside down, what matters most are the people you can count on.

It only takes an instant to make a decision that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

We are all one phone call away from being brought to our knees.

Even when you have nothing left, if someone you love needs you, you will find the strength, energy and courage to go on, long after you thought you couldn’t.

No matter how hard you work to protect your children, someone or something will hurt them, and you will be powerless to stop it.

The friends who help you survive the darkest days of your life don’t have to live nearby, especially if they have an uncanny ability to know when you most need to hear from them.

Your life can be upended in a moment by someone you don’t even know.

Just because you thought you could count on someone doesn’t mean that they will be there for you.

Sometimes the most generous people are the ones with the least to give.

The people you love most are taken from you too soon.

During the worst moments of your life, some people will amaze you, and some people will break your heart. And they won’t always be the ones you’d expect.

The bravest people you meet aren’t necessarily the ones who have lived the longest. Sometimes the nine-year-old who’s fighting cancer and wearing a cape can have more courage than most adults you know.

Your kids won’t remember all the mistakes you think you made as a parent. What they will remember is how often you showed up and how hard you fought for them.

What Ram Dass said is true .. “we are all just walking each other home”.

Mom and Dad holding hands at Margo's wedding. Dad is wearing a beige sports coat; Mom is wearing a white blouse and purple skirt. Only their hands and forearms and part of their sides are visible.

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