Healing your body after the death of a beloved

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Living with an unbearable loss

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Moving forward into the life you create in the wake of loss

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Loss And Light

I used to wish James and I weren’t so close. I used to wish I didn’t call him my best friend, and I wished we didn’t have so much in common. I naively wished these things away, in the hope I could numb the pain […]

This For Now

Chris Brewer was diagnosed with advanced testicular cancer in October 1996 and successfully treated. After a twenty year career in the United States Air Force, he joined the LIVESTRONG staff full time in 2004. Chris also led the Love Hope Strength Foundation and is currently […]

When The Rebuilding Begins

I am a mother of two and a licensed clinical social worker. I love hiking, nature, yoga and meditation. Five years ago, my older brother Carlos died from kidney cancer. Since then, I have been on my healing journey to make sense of this identity changing loss.

Keep Them In Your Heart

I lost my oldest brother Rudy in December 2016. It was sudden and still to this day, a shock. Sudden death or “our of order deaths” are harder to deal with, in my opinion. I have lost people to cancer, old age, other health issues, but nothing has ever compared to how to we lost Rudy. It was a car accident. We had no warning, and we are still here two and a half years later trying to pick up the pieces.

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