Grieving Voices

“I spent nights thinking about what was lost – his balance, his hearing, his cognitive abilities. Jimmy had this beautiful ability to focus on what was left.” Margo shares the lessons she learned from her son Jimmy as he battled brain cancer for eight years and the way her grief has influenced her work.

Wellness Within

“Even in the final days, there’s still hope. For more time. For more conversation .. there’s always room for hope.” Margo and Wellness Within Founder Patti Brown discuss people’s reluctance to share their losses and how we can support a friend or family member who’s grieving.

Why Are We So Uncomfortable Being Uncomfortable?

Mark Dimor, author of Donna: A Photo Memoir of Love and Loss and Margo discuss why we work so hard to avoid grief, both our own and other people’s, and the way sharing our stories helps us heal.

Success Engineering

Success Engineering CEO Michael Bauman and Margo discuss loss in the workplace and how managers and coworkers can more effectively support a grieving colleague

Beyond Well

Margo turned her enormous grief over the death of her son into a global force for healing. An extraordinary interview with a mother, entrepreneur and activist about the communal nature of grieving.

Always Andy’s Mom

Margo talks to host Marcy Larson about the way we rank losses and judge grief and how this interferes with our ability to heal and move forward.

Sacramento Magazine

“I started Salt Water because it was the website that I couldn’t find. I wanted someplace that was geared toward loss more broadly … a site where people could come in whatever place they were in and feel welcome and where there is no judgment to the loss.”

Death Dialogues Project

We hear the story of Jimmy who died at the age of 21 after an eight year brain cancer odyssey. This episode includes so many poignant, informative and beautiful messages as a mother tells her story of love and loss.

Grief Out Loud

How do you go on living after your child’s life ends? How do you continue to find connection, beauty and meaning when someone we can’t live without dies? This is the question Margo Fowkes faced when her son Jimmy died of brain cancer at the age of 21.

Project Grief

Project Grief creator Danica Thurber interviews Margo about her experience with loss and invites her to share tips on how to support a grieving friend.

The Afternoon News With Kitty O’Neal

Host Kitty O’Neal talks to Margo Fowkes about how to find comfort and support after a devastating loss

Style Magazine

Rather than criticize people for saying or doing the “wrong” thing, Salt Water offers practical suggestions and encouragement for those who want to help, along with gentle reminders of what a griever might find hurtful despite a loved one’s best intentions.

Grief Becomes You

Poet Maya Stein shares two of Margo’s essays on her website “Grief Becomes You.”

Rotary Club of Roseville

Margo offers practical suggestions on how to support a grieving colleague, friend or family member.

Let’s Talk Grief Podcast

Margo talks to host Tamara Bahlhorn about grieving the death of her only son, the ways her grief has changed over time and offers hope for other grievers.

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