Judy’s Legacy

Scott is the father of four grown children and a technology innovation professional, recreational cyclist, tenor, testicular cancer survivor and longtime advocate and volunteer in the cancer community. Judy, his wife of 26 years, died of multiple myeloma in 2013.

From left to right -- Scott's son wearing glasses, a green polo shirt and grey print shorts; Scott's other son wearing a red polo shirt and navy blue pants; Scott wearing glasses, a dark gray button shirt with a color and khaki shorts; Judy wearing glasses and a red dress; Scott's daughter wearing a purple print sundress; Scott's other daughter wearing a sundress with a gray bodice and a floral print skirt. They all have reddish blond hair

How did I survive after the death of my wife Judy?

  1. My kids. In addition to my daughters in college, I had fraternal twin sons in high school who had to keep their normal routine (and learn to drive and, before long, start college visits). We needed each other.
  2. Work. While I was given plenty of time and space, it helped to keep my routine during the work day when so much had changed.
  3. Judy’s legacy. Taking on the unfinished task of editing and publishing her second novel gave me a way to focus my energy on remembering and advancing something positive.
  4. Home maintenance. I couldn’t sit still, so I was constantly fixing and improving things I’d tolerated for years.

The cover of Judy's book, A Doorway Through Time

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