Stay Connected To Your Loved One

I had a recording of Dana’s voice. From a phone call on an early digital recorder (now since lost). I would listen to it when I needed to. Because of what she said, it helped me cope.

Given the circumstances of her passing, I harbored some guilt. I wasn’t there when the time came. Talking to her mother helped me work through some of that. Ultimately, something that really helped (with my mother’s passing, too) was time to think. Specifically, being outside. Taking my dog for his walks. No music, no iPhone. Just the sounds of nature and an hour every day to work through my own thoughts. I didn’t realize it at the time, but nothing was better.

Joe's mom standing at a railing. There are rocks and water behind her and behind there there are the buildings of a city. She's got short light brown hair and she's wearing sunglasses and a dark dress with white piping

So …

  1. Something that connects you to your loved one that you can turn to when you need it.
  2. Talking to someone who has also been through the same loss.
  3. Time to be outside. Use it as a way to connect with them without any other distractions.

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