Molly and Jimmy on the bench in Maui. Molly is on the left with a white parrot sitting on her right fore arm. She's wearing a pink t-shirt with a Hawaiian print. There's a red parrot sitting on her right shoulder and Jimmy's left shoulder. Jimmy is wearing a red lei and no shirt. He has a yellow and blue parrot sitting on his left shoulder.

Seventeen Years

At nine years old, I felt invincible. Hardship felt foreign. As is true for many nine-year-olds, the world felt like a safe, welcoming place.

Molly and Jimmy sitting next to each other on a bench in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Molly has corn rows and is wearing a blue and yellow flowered dress. Jimmy is holding a football and has his right arm around Molly. He's wearing a blue t-shirt and khaki shorts


Growing up, both as a kid and a teenager, I was aware that young people didn’t often understand. To me, they didn’t understand how to deal with real world problems; they didn’t understand what to care about or what to prioritize in their lives, and they didn’t understand how to empathize with those who needed […]

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