Christina Honeycutt is a widow, mother, and writer hailing from California. She lost her beloved husband, Mitch Malekian, in 2018. She met her widowed tribe at Camp Widow; this group of women has been her biggest and brightest support for coping with such a profound loss. A former college professor, Christina possesses a Master of Arts in Composition and Rhetoric and currently serves the State of California as a manager for the Department of Water Resources. She has a long relationship with the art of crafting words – her first piece of work, a poem, was published in an anthology when she was in the first grade. Today, Christina writes when she feels the call, something she hears more and more frequently these days.

Carved anew by pain

Suffering’s sculptress

Chisels day and night

A sociopath with a knife

Hacking skin from bone

In strife




Disfigured from the inside out


Frankenstein’s Monster

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