There In The Dark

Not everyone can heal under the light. Some need the darkness. Akshay vasu

I learned to love the darkness after Jimmy died.
The quiet quiescence, the escape from pitying eyes.

Untethered, untracked, unfollowed,
I am unbound for a time from what holds me here.

Free to sink into sadness as I watch my shadow leave,
its outline fading as it ebbs away,

the night’s black tide providing a blanket of protection
from the curiosity of those who cannot understand.

My heartbreak is less heavy in this light-less world.
Closer to my dreams, it’s easier to find Jimmy here.

Grief is my guide in this liminal space
Teaching me to find my way.

Stumbling through the wreckage, tripping over brokenness,
I decipher the world by the light of the moon.

Cocooned in the quiet peace of the darkling sky,
I start to remember the way the stillness heals.

The light comes back as it always does,
flowing in on the dawning wave of day.

My shadow returns with the morning light,
a wordless reminder I am no longer alone

Although the darkness lives in us all,
are we ever really without our own inner glow?

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