Travels With Jimmy

Ash is the ultimate reduction, the bare soul, the last truth, all else dissolved. James Hillman

Mom holding Jimmy age 18 months. Mom is wearing glasses and a tan sweater; her gray hair is held back by a clip. Jimmy is wearing a green jacket and green hat.

Everything Is Waiting For You

The doors have always been there to frighten you and invite you — David Whyte

Pink daisies in the foreground. Two women walking in the background near a dried grass field

What Grief Reveals

There are three things I can’t change – the past, the truth and you. Anne Lamott

Jimmy and Molly sitting in front of a turquoise blue lake in New Zealand. Jimmy is wearing a black baseball cap and red Stanford tshirt. Molly is wearing a pendant and short sleeve white t-shirt with some splotches of light turquoise

The Choice

I carry his presence with me back inside like a lit votive around which I am cupping a hand to keep the moment alive. James Crews

Close up shot of pink cherry blossoms

The Cherry Tree

Only love is big enough to hold all the pain of this world. Sharon Salzberg

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